About Us

Kiss Her Boutique is a full-service nail salon located in Randolph, MA. Our services include; luxury pedicures, acrylic nail art, gel manicures, apres Gel-x, and luxury manicures. At Kiss Her Boutique, we want you to leave feeling like the best version of your current self. A healed version, a loved version, a happy version of yourself. Every service performed and item that sold is done with a purpose to help you become that version of HER. 
Journals and planners to keep your thoughts and yourself organized. Our journals are curated to help you write down all your thoughts, prayers and dreams. Writing is a fundamental way to manifest the better version of yourself and your life. Our planners are curated to help keep you on task and stay organized with getting things done in a timely manner. With organization in your life, creates a pathway to a structured  version of yourself.
Body Affirmation Candles. As women we often have so much pressure and anxiety about how we look/feel due to our own insecurities and insecurities that is also portrayed onto us by society. When burning these candles tell yourself, I am beautiful, I love the way I look, I feel amazing, I am in love with myself. Speak life into yourself as the candle is an example of you burning away all of your insecurities. Not only do you achieve a sensational relaxing smell in your space, you are also making an extra step to becoming HER (the healed/happy version of yourself).
HER travel packages. What is the best way to experience the best version of yourself?  DINGGG!! Through traveling! Being in the same environment every day and night can be extremely depressing, especially if you normally have a busy schedule, and that is what we want to break away from. The best way to take a break from your daily routines is by experiencing something new and exciting. Stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new foods and activities. Kiss Her Boutique’s travel packages are curated to offer an experience of a lifetime. We offer different packages to fit the needs of different people and personalities. Ranging from calm/relaxing vacations, staycations, exploring vacations and More! Do not let life fly by with regrets and what ifs. You only have one life to live why not see what the world has to offer? 

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22 North St, Randolph, MA 02368

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